I am a Senior Research Fellow (postdoc) at Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition in Munich. I obtained my Ph.D. in Economics at Goethe University Frankfurt (Management and Microeconomics Department) for my dissertation On the Economics of Innovation and Corporate Finance (summa cum laude). I had research visits at the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (2014), the Research Data & Service Centre of Deutsche Bundesbank (2017), and the Economics Department of New York University Stern School of Business (2019). I received my master’s degree in 'International Economics and Economic Policy' from Goethe University Frankfurt, after completing my undergraduate studies in business and economics in Hamburg and Valencia, Spain. Since 2020, I have been a lecturer in Finance at Goethe Business School in Frankfurt

My research interests are in the fields of applied microeconometrics, in particular innovation economics,  corporate finance (entrepreneurial- and SME finance), innovation and science policy, and the industrial organization of financial markets. My current research mainly focuses on the interrelation of financial resources and firm-level inventive activities. Most of my work is empirical, deploying combinations of micro-level datasets on financial and patent data.

You can find my CV here (short version).


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